How to order

As Easy As 1 2 3

Step1-Order Online
Choose standard body bobbleheads (standard body+your face), or fully customized bobbleheads (Head to toe fully custom) you want, order online, choose your preferred accessary and shipping method (ships within 2-3 weeks / 15 days / 10days / 5 days).
Send photos and description to us
You can upload images(*Max 1 Mb each) when order online. For any reason, if you can't upload images online successfully, or you want to send us more photos/ description, Please sent it later to us via email.
Try to send us at least 2 photos as following:
* Front view photo taken from straight on, showing the person's facial features clearly.
* A side-view photo showing the person's profile.
We can do a great job without a profile photo, but if you have one, please include it.
you can also sent more photos as example to request us what hair style, dress, pose that you would like the bobblehead to be fashioned...
, prompt response within 12 hours on work days.

Step3- Free Proofs in different stages
We custom made the doll 100% by hand. In order for you to gain maximum satisfaction with your product, we provide actual photo proofs of your order in progress by email for you to approve or even request changes. Changes are done if necessary at no charge to you, but it may cause more time accordingly. No response within 48 hours will be deem as admited, and we'll go on the processes.

Final confirmation & quick delivery
Once get your final confirmation towards the custom cake toppers, we will complete all remaining work and send it out by DHL / Fedex quickly.

How our custom bobble heads been created:


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About Size
Most of our bobble head dolls are about 16-18cm( 6-7") tall when standing upright.

About Extra Cost
We custom made real bobbleheads dolls without any hidden cost.
Some seller tempt you to spend much more money by providing such options as: i want my head to bobble /choose base color/ master made...what a cheating!-- At Wowbobble, you will find, all of these are free originally!

About Proofing
We proudly offer FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your Custom bobbleheads. Changes can be made like making the nose wider or lips thinner - Untill your are 100% satisfied.
Shipping & Sculpt Time
During checkout, our site will allow you to select the time you want the custom bobbleheads received in.
1.Ships within 2-3 weeks.
2.Ships within 15 days.
3.Ships within 10 days.
4.Ship within 5 days-no proofs.
DHL worldwide shipping. Charge is base on the time frame you selected.