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    custom bobbleheads


    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Payment Method

    Q1: What payment method do you provide?
    A1: We prefer Paypal payment, it is easy and saft, you can pay through paypal without sharing your finacial information with us.

    Q2: How if i don't have a paypal account? / How if I want to pay with my credit card?
    A2: You can pay with your credit card / debit card directly through Paypal payment gateway without a paypal account,  Paypal support all credit card / debit card, you can choose "pay with my credit card "  at Paypal payment page, it is easy and safe for you.

    About Shipping and Time

    : How long can i get the bobblehead doll after order online?
    A1: We offer 4 sculpturing and shipping methods for you to choose :
    1, Standard sculpting (ships within 2-3 weeks, proofing)
    2, Urgent sculpting (ships within 15 days, proofing)
    3, Super urgent sculpting (ships within 10 days, proofing)
    4, Wow, I need it now (ships within 5 days, no proofs)
    Usually you can exptect to get the bobbleheads dolls 3-4 days after we send it out. For rush order, you will get it 1-2 days after we send it out.
    For example, if you place your order on 3rd Oct, and choose ships within 10 days, so that we will complete and send it out around 13 Oct, and you can expect to get it in hand around 15-16 Oct.

    Q2: Do you offer FREE SHIPPING service?
    A2: Yes, for order value over 500USD, we provide free DHL/UPS shipping worldwide service. Ship within 2-3 weeks as defaut shipping method.

    Q3: Do you ship to XXX country?
    A3: Yes, we ship international, only if the destination city have DHL, UPS or EMS Express service.

    Q4: What can i do if i get damaged bobbleheads?
    A4: We pack carefully, damage case almost never happen, but for any reason if you get a damged bobbleheads, please take a photo and send it to us within 24 hours, we will 100% Free Redo a new one for you.

    About The Material & Craft

    : Does your bobbleheads doll really bobble?
    A5: Yes, as you know, our domain name is " Wow Bobble" - All our bobbleheads dolls come out with bobble heads by default - we use a spring to connect with the head and body, so that bobble when touch.
    Some other custom bobbleheads providers may charge customer extra 10USD for choosing "i want it bobble" - that is really funny, it is bobbleheads, of course it should be bobble certainly.

    Q6:Do you use paint to color the doll?
    A6:We know that most of the custom bobbleheads provider will use paint to cut down the cost. But no, we never use paint on the dolls- paint will fade or peel off after several years. We mix polymer clay in different colors to get the right color you want, which ensuring the color of your figurine will last hundreds of years.

    Q7: How much look like the photos?
    A7: We have top-ranking craft in this field, ensuring our bobbleheads dolls come out with best details and high likeness - usually it can be 70%-90% likeness or more.

    Q8:How about the height and weight?
    A8: 16-20CM (6"-7") high when standing up, and 0.2-0.5KG (1-2 Person without additional background).

    About the order process

    Q9: Where to upload photos?
    A9: You can choose to upload images online or send it later to us via emal. We have the best one-on-one email support service, you can tell us all your detail requests and send as many photos as you want to us after your purchase.

    Q10: Will you provide proofs during the order process?
    A10: Yes, we provide free proofs during the order process, changes will be made base on your opinion. We will provide several rounds proofs at different stages, until 100% satisfied.

    Q11: Can i confirm final version before send out?
    A11: Yes, we will send the final version to our customer before send out, we will not send out before get your confirmation.

    More info about how to order, please click here


    custom bobbleheads
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    About Size
    Most of our bobble head dolls are about 16-18cm( 6-7") tall when standing upright.

    About Extra Cost
    We made real custom bobbleheads dolls without any hidden cost.
    Some seller tempt you to spend much more money by providing such options as: i want my head to bobble /choose base color/ master made...what a cheating!-- At Wowbobble, you will find, we make all these for you no extra cost!!

    About Proofing
    We proudly offer FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your Custom bobbleheads. Changes can be made like making the nose wider or lips thinner - Untill your are 100% satisfied.
    Shipping & Sculpt Time
    During checkout, we will allow you to select the time you want the custom bobbleheads received in.
    1.Ships within 2-3 weeks.
    2.Ships within 15 days.
    3.Ships within 10 days.
    4.Ship within 5 days-no proofs.
    * FREE SHIPPING - when order $500+, ships within 3-4 weeks.

    International Shipping
    DHL / Fedex worldwide express shipping - The same cheap shipping cost to all worldwide cities. Charge may different base on the time frame you selected.

    custom bobbleheads